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Web Bike World Review: Velomacchi 40L Speedway Backpack Hands-On Review

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Excerpt from Jim Pruner review on Web Bike World on November 5, 2018.

Velomacchi 40L Speedway Backpack

When Velomacchi approached WBW by email about doing a review I took one look at it and said that if I liked it it would be a winner, because of my intense dislike for backpacks on bike rides.

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to verbally tear this backpack to shreds as such.

The Final Verdict

I would still much rather strap luggage to the bike than use a backpack, but I admit this Velomacchi is making the idea of wearing a backpack more plausible for me.

From what I can find this is one of the most expensive backpacks made for motorcycling. The $299 sticker shock is understandable, but you are getting a very sturdy, high-performance backpack for a lot of money.

When it comes to the water leakage problems I found, I’m not certain any competitor backpacks would perform better. Notably, the main compartment didn’t leak one iota.

For hardcore riders going out facing intense off-road riding situations, this would be a decent backpack. It’s also the bag of choice for commuters who want this to be the last bag they ever buy. With a lifetime warranty and seemingly bulletproof durability, it probably could be handed down to your kids if you take care of it.

I doubt very much anyone could legitimately wear this bag out riding, bicycling or hiking with it.

One final problem was pointed out to me by a female friend I wouldn’t have thought of because I’m male. The latching system clamps tightly right across the wearer’s upper chest which would be very uncomfortable and possibly unstable on people who are… how do I put this? Voluptuous or well-endowed.

Read the full review here.

40L Speedway Backpack Review Web Bike World

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