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What does Velomacchi mean and how do you pronounce it?

Velomacchi is a play on two Italian words, Velocità Macchina, which roughly translated means "Velocity Machine". Velomacchi is pronounced, 'velo 'makki.

There are so many new features on the Rolltop Backpack, can you explain what they are and how they work?

We have a great illustration that calls out all the features and names for easy reference. Please reference the illustration and feature video below.


When I put my pack on, I need to adjust the shoulder straps smaller. How can I adjust them to fit my body?

Our no-flapping strap system is set up on a looped cam buckle that is set at the waist first and the shoulder strap loop second. Find the "torso sizing cam" above on the illustration and then again on your own pack. We have marked the strap towards the back lumbar area with screen printed sizing marks (S - XXL) that corresponds to common jacket sizes. If you wear a "Large" jacket size, start by adjusting the strap to "L" and click the lower locking cam buckle closed. Tuck any loose strap into and under the lumbar pad. This sets the loop size on the shoulder strap. If you need a smaller adjustment than the size indicator, no problem - simply keep pulling the webbing in and trying it on until you get a tight fit. Adjustments are infinite, but once you find your sizing, you should be able to set it and forget it. Seasonal wear may effect your overall sizing, so be sure to remember to adjust in/out for summer or winter sport needs. 

For everyday adjustments and taking the pack on/off, use the upper locking cam buckles to wear your pack looser for walking around comfortably or adjusting for a tighter fit for high speed pursuits. The proper spot for the pack to sit on your body is higher up on your back, with the front harness rotating grommets sitting on top of your clavicle. The magnetic coupler should sit over your sternum bone, mid-chest.




What size bladder can fit into the hydration sleeve?

We have tested the fit with as large as a 3L bladder, but a 1-1.5L bladder is ideal. Bladder reservoirs that are either more square in shape or have an internal structure to make them flatter shaped when filled, prove to be a better fit. There is a small velcro loop near the hydration sleeve opening that you can hook your hydration bladder into so that it does not slide down as you drink from it. The hydration bladder shown in the pic is a favorite of ours, the Hydrapak Shape Shift Series.

How do I attach my GoPro camera mount or similar personal video mount?

We created a mounting platform for personal camera mounts to adhere onto. We suggest cleaning the surface with an alcohol pad first before adhering your adhesion mounting pad. 3M makes reliable double-sided sticky pads, if you need to purchase one for your mount plate. Some adhesions will require you to rough up the surface with sandpaper first before adhering. With any camera mounting system, we strongly recommend tying a safety cord from your camera and into the safety loop located on the shoulder strap for extra protection.

How do you connect and release the Mag sternum coupler?

We use a rotating magnet coupler. To connect, simply place the two pieces in close proximity to one another and the magnets will naturally click together. No need to twist the bucket to connect, let the magnets do their magic!

To release - simply twist until you feel/hear the release. Do not pull or over-twist the silver disk, as there is a single small area of release when twisted and may break the internal mechanisms. Over-twisting will wear out the hardware pre-maturely.

Is the backpack and tool roll washable?

Yes. Hand washing in cold with gentle detergent will retain the shape and is recommended. In our all our packs, each compartment has an internal liner that can pull out to wipe down. Air-dry fully before tucking the liner back in. Air-dry all products.

Is the backpack waterproof?

We like to call our pack "water tight", as it is not submersible. The fabric is a 1000 denier 66 nylon with a heavy TPU lamination on the back and a kiss coating on the frontside. We have field tested our pack in the worst weather conditions and due to our seam construction, fold over pockets, and roll top, the pack proves to be water tight and fast drying.