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Excerpt from Wes Reyneke review on Bike EXIF on December 18, 2021.


28L Speedway Backpack and Tool/Med Pouch


Velomacchi accessory packs I’m a big fan of Velomacchi’s motorcycle bags, and have used and abused their 28 l Speedway pack and 50 l Speedway duffel for a few years now. But I’ve also got some of the Oregon-based company’s smaller accessory pouches and cases.


They’re well made, good looking and practical, and great options if you’ve run out of gift ideas for the holidays.


Speedway Tool/Med Pouch


The humble Speedway tool/medic pouch is the simplest piece of gear I own, but it gets the most use. I have the smaller $19 version, which measures 9” x 6”, but you can also get a slightly bigger one (13” x 6”) for $25.


The pouch is built robust, with a ballistic fabric at the back, a transparent mesh-lined panel at the front, a YKK zipper with a pull tab that’s big enough to grab with gloves on. It’s designed to slip into the side pouches of Velomacchi’s bigger packs, and there’s a TPU-reinforced handle to make it easy to yank out.


I mostly use mine to stash camera batteries, memory cards and a microfiber cloth, or loose bits like power banks and cables. But it’s good for just about anything that needs a home—small tools, medical supplies, toiletries and even snacks.


Speedway Impact Storage Case


The $39 Speedway Impact case is designed as a catch-all for a wide range of electronic bits and pieces. The shell uses a ballistic nylon fabric, with some foam padding built in and a quilted panel up top. The zipper’s a tough YKK part, and the inside is lined with a microfiber fabric, with stretch pockets to stash stuff in.


Measuring 11″ long, 8.5″ wide and 2″ high, it’s ideal for carrying around power banks, cables, batteries and compact SSD drives. It’ll even take a pair of over-ear headphones—if they’re the foldable kind. 


Speedway Tool Roll


Velomacchi’s Speedway tool roll looks neat and compact from the outside—but roll it out, and it’s remarkably spacious. Made from a ballistic nylon fabric with the same aesthetic as the company’s larger packs, it features a pair of straps and aluminum hooks for tying down to your motorcycle.


Once opened, there’s a cover flap held down by a pair of press studs. Open that up, and you have a generous surface area to keep tools and parts out of the dirt while you’re doing roadside repairs. It also has extra press studs that ‘pinch’ the corners and turn it into a makeshift tray, and a small magnet to keep tiny fasteners (or a 10 mm socket) from running away.


The actual tool pockets are numerous, and vary in size to suit a multitude of applications. There’s also a transparent pocket at one end, accessible via a YKK zipper, for storing loose items.


Tested by Wes Reyneke | More

 Speedway Tool Roll

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