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Web Bike World Review: Velomacchi Speedway Gloves

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Excerpt from Cameron Martel review on Web Bike World on November 2, 2018

Velomacchi Speedway Gloves - TAN/BLACK

The Speedway gloves are an interesting pair to review. On one hand, they’re the only glove I’ve ever worn where I got excited after opening the package. Between the two-tone leather, riveted palm pad, and awesome-but-also-weird rubber finger guards, the Speedway’s are definitely unique and worth getting excited over.

But, on the other hand, I expect better quality out of a $150 pair of gloves. Multiple loose threads, frayed ends, off-angle cuts, and other small gaps in their build quality are individually minor but frequent enough that it cheapens the overall experience. $150 gloves are premium gloves, and when you look into the premium segment, it’s not uncommon to see gloves nearing the $300 mark. In that context, the style and materials offered make put these Velomacchi’s on the affordable end of the premium segment, but its precisely because of that positioning that I’m so critical of their QC.

Velomacchi offers a lifetime warranty on their products. I have not contacted them regarding the QC problems on these gloves, but I’d be inclined to had I purchased them.

Still, despite their flaws, these are also the gloves that I’ve enjoyed wearing the most this riding season. They’re comfortable – increasingly so as I wear them – and just so darn neat looking. They’re as much a conversation piece as they are a piece of safety gear… a description that is rarely applied to motorcycle gloves. The 3.5 star rating reflects that, as much as I enjoy wearing them, there are a few areas that could stand to be improved. If these gloves were to come without the visual defects that they have, with perfect or near-perfect finishing quality, they’d be a solid 4.5 star glove.

Read the full review here.

Review Speedway Gloves Web Bike World

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