Gear Mashers Review: 28L & 40L Speedway Backpacks

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Published on Gear Mashers on October 6, 2018 by Tom Crandall

Velomacchi 28L Speedway BackpackVelomacchi 40L Speedway Backpack


If you are looking for a bomb proof backpack that you can cycle with or take on your next motorcycle adventure, the Velomacchi Speedway Roll-Top Backpack will certainly not disappoint.  It’s super cool, stays where it should and if the occasional downpour should happen, your belongings will be safe and dry.

Given it’s design, I could easily see it being a useful backpack for skiers and those adventuring in the snow.

For those who are on the fence between the 28L and the 40L, I would get the 40L and not look back.  The extra space can come in handy and realistically it’s bigger, but not overly so.  I suppose if you’re looking for a mountain bike backpack, the 28L might be a better option.

Is there a downside? The only real downside to the Speedway is cost, where the $299 price tag might deter some folks from getting it.  Based on what I have seen, getting a quality backpack like the Speedway always cost a lot more than your average Walmart special and in my opinion it’s money well spent.

I would have liked to see a belt strap option added for a tighter fit on bumpy roads.

Read the full Gear Mashers review of the 28L Speedway Backpack & 40L Speedway Backpack.

28L Speedway Backpack 40L Speedway Backpack Gear Mashers Review

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